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Corporate Overview

Sharif Eye Centers are one of the leading centers in the Middle East region helping people improve their vision and decrease their dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

Sharif Eye Center Amman, is Jordan’s first stand-alone eye surgery center devoted to the correction of sight problems, with the determination to give patients not only the best available medical care in vision correction but also, first-rate service, more commonly associated with five-star hotels.

The opening of the Sharif Eye Center was inaugurated under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdallah of Jordan in June 2000. Over the following 20 years, additional branches were opened covering national and regional locations. Sharif Eye Centers are committed and dedicated to provide comprehensive and complete care for eye surgery and vision correction. In June 2007, Sharif Eye Centers opened its most state-of-the-art facility in Jabal Amman with the most advanced and sophisticated technologies and equipment available, with a total cost exceeding 10 million dollars.

Our flagship centers consist of 6 high-tech clinics specialized in various ophthalmic care treatments, making it the largest and most recognized center-of-excellence in the region. It provides multiple subspecialty clinics including LASIK vision correction, corneal disease, cataract, oculoplastic, glaucoma, pediatric, retina and diabetic eye care clinic. The center also provides pediatric ophthalmology services as well as cosmetic eye surgery clinic.

Sharif Eye Centers are in the industry to examine, diagnose, treat and manage diseases, injuries and disorders of the eye. We are also in business to prescribe and provide eyeglasses, contact lenses and vision therapy. We are trained and equipped to service the market segments that require eye care services within the Middle East.

We are in the eye care business to deliver excellent eye care services to all those who will utilize our services. We are also ensuring that in the line of carrying out our duty, we comply with the laws and health regulations in Jordan & worldwide standards.

We have a standardized medical call center that is operated by well-trained staff. Our work force is solid enough and well trained to operate within the framework of our organization’s corporate culture and also to meet the needs of all our customers.

Sharif Eye Centers always ensure that all our patients are given first class and high-end treatment whenever they visit our centers. We have a CRM software that will enable us manage a one on one relationship with our customers.

As we are the leaders in the market for more than 28 years, continuous extensive research and analysis is conducted on the ophthalmic therapeutics market on all of the common eye disorders including cornea, refractive, cataract, ocular surface disease, oculoplastic, glaucoma, pediatric, retinal diseases, color blindness, uveitis and neuro-ophthalmic disorders. The dry eye syndrome market is expected to grow steadily over the next few years due to changing lifestyles and consumption of specific medications. Some factors contributing to dry eye syndrome include autoimmune diseases, genetic factors, environmental conditions, and extended usage of contact lenses and prolonged computer usage.