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LASIK & Vision Correction Unit

LASIK & Vision Correction Unit

Different Technologies to fit your vision needs:

We are committed at Sharif Eye Centers to provide the best & the latest vision correction technology available worldwide.

At Sharif Eye Centers we provide 6 different vision correction procedures, to fit each patient’s specific needs.

We provide solutions for Myopia (nearsightedness), Hypermetropia (Farsightedness) and Astigmatism.

Contoura Vision:

Sharif Eye Centers proudly announce the world’s latest vision correction technology –Contoura Vision*.

Contoura Vision maps up to 22,000 elevation points in seconds, to identify each eye print precisely, then to treat each eye according to its unique eye print to customize the treatment.

Contoura Vision optimizes the corneal shape in addition to the customized vision correction, to ensure the best results after this quick procedure.

The majority of the patients, who underwent Contoura Vision, had better than 20/20 vision thanks to this technology which treats each point uniquely.

Vision exceeding 20/20 and better than glasses or contact lenses now is possible with Contoura Vision.


Contoura Vision advantages:

 Very quick procedure (10-15) minutes.

 Exceptionally clear vision, exceeding 20/20 in most cases.

 The latest diagnostic and treatment Laser Machines (7G).

 FDA Approved Technology.

What does it take to have Contoura Vision Procedure:

 30-60 minutes eye exams including corneal Topography Mapping.

 Discussing test results with eligible candidates to choose the best treatment plan.

 Eligible candidates can do the procedure in 10-15 minutes.

 The ability to travel one day after the procedure.


Do Doctors use surgical blade in this procedure?

No, Doctor uses LASER only in this procedure. Pain-Free-Treatment

Am I eligible for this procedure?

Your 30-60 minutes testing results determine your eligibility for this procedure.

How long do I need to do the testing, the procedure and the follow ups?

 Contoura Vision Ultra LASIK: 2 days.

 Contoura Vision Custom LASEK: 2-5 days.

Do I need to stay overnight on the center by the day of the procedure?

No, it is a day-case procedure, it is very fast and totally painless, and you will be requested to visit the center the day after the procedure.

What is the best age to have this procedure?

Any eligible candidate between the ages of 18-60 years old.

What is the difference between Contoura Vision Ultra LASIK& Contoura Vision Custom LASEK?

Our doctors will be able to advice you which of the two procedures is more suitable for you after completing all the tests.

 Contoura Vision Ultra LASIK: Corrects short sight, long sight & Astigmatism and provides very fast results the day after the procedure.

 Contoura Vision Custom LASEK: Corrects short sight and astigmatism and provides results within 1-2 weeks.

When can I return back to my normal life style?

 Contoura Vision Ultra LASIK: 1 day after the procedure.

 Contoura Vision Custom LASEK: 1-2 weeks after the procedure.

At Sharif Eye Centers we are committed to provide the best & the latest vision correction technology available worldwide to fit your needs and your lifestyle.