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We have successfully incorporated Telemedicine technology within our service to diagnose and treat eye diseases within every branch of Sharif Eye Centers. This new service is utilised to communicate between the main center in Amman and the other 6 centers located in Jordan, Dubai and Qatar. The technology provides remote patient consultations and examinations through the use of special cameras connected to all medical devices. Sharif Eye Centers aim to provide the best service for our patients by communicating between the various doctors in our centers to provide the best treatment methods for various eye diseases.

Convenience makes Telemedicine a winner for both doctors and patients as real time interaction of high definition video and audio communication facilitates appropriate care. Patients throughout the Middle East and North African region can access our specialists without traveling hours to larger cities.

Additionally, Telemedicine has been paramount in assisting our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sharif Eye Centers has maintained constant patient care from home during the lockdown in various cities around the world.