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Specialty Contact Lenses & Glasses Unit

Specialty Contact Lenses & Glasses Unit

To serve our patients the way they deserve, we aim to provide the best quality of contact lenses, designers sunglasses and optical frames.

We provide:

Wide variety of Optical frames

Kids frames (sunglasses and optical)

Designers Sunglasses for all ages

The best ophthalmic lenses from ZEISS, KODAK, ESSILOR & much more….

Specialty contact lens unit:

It’s a specialized unit where we customize any kind of contact lens to the patient’s need.

The unit provides:

-Kid’s contact lenses (Aphakia contact lenses).

-Contact lenses for myopia, Hypermetropia and astigmatism.

-Tailor made contact lenses for keratoconus and irregular corneas.

-Prosthetic contact lenses.

What’s New at Sharif Eye Centers:

Scleral lenses are now available.

Whatever your corneal condition is, with scleral lenses you will experience exceptional vision especially for when RGPs or Hybrid lenses are bothering them.

Scleral contact lenses can now be tailor made to fit your corneal shape precisely, if you have had a corneal transplantation, or severe Keratoconus or any corneal irregularity, scleral contact lenses will make a huge difference in how you see life.