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Oculoplastic Unit

Oculoplastic Unit

At Sharif Eye Centers we believe in the importance of Sub-specialties, especially when it comes to the beauty of your eyes.

Therefore, we provide fully occupied state of the art facilities for our plastic surgeries which include but not limited to:

· Upper and lower lids blepharoplasty (Eyelid lift)

· Ptosis procedures (droopy eyelid correction)

· Botox and Fillers

· Dry eye management unit including punctual plugs and nasolacrimal duct treatments.

What is eye lids blepharoplasty?

It’s a procedure where the doctor removes the excess folded skin and the excess fat from the eyelids.

Is it a GA (general anesthesia) or LA (Local anesthesia procedures?

It’s a local anesthesia procedure for the vast majority of patients, but in some cases it might be performed under GA.

When can I return back to my regular life style after the procedure?

1-2 weeks, but you still can drive your car directly the day after procedure

What is the best age for this kind of procedures?

It can be done for any age group.

Is it possible to have both upper and lower lids blepharoplasty at the same session?

Yes of course you can!

Is it a painful procedure?

No it’s a painless procedure.

Can i fix my droopy eyelid and have blepharoplasty at the same session?

Yes of course you can!

Where do you perform these procedures?

We perform all LA procedures at our centers.

Who is the best doctor for these procedures?

He/she should be a well trained ophthalmologist with subspecialty in oculoplasty.

When can I do Botox or fillers after blepharoplasty?

Usually the doctor waits 1-2 weeks for Botox and fillers.

Is there any effect on the vision for these kinds of procedures?

Not at all, you can read same day right after the procedure.

Is there a specific medication that cannot be taken before the procedure?

The doctor will evaluate your case and will ask for all your medications.

Can I lift my eyebrows at the same session?

Yes, of course you can easily do that at the same session.

Our oculopastic Unit is recognized regionally as one of the most reliable units in the MENA and Middle East region.