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Implantable Contact Lenses

Implantable Contact Lenses

Dr.Khalid Sharif has successfully and proudly implanted the first ICL in Jordan in 1998.

ICL is a special type of contact lens that can be implanted permanently inside the eye, (behind the pupil), to correct the vision of patients who suffers from severe short sightedness (up to–25.00) or long sightedness (up to + 12.00) that are not correctable with LASIK surgery.

At Sharif Eye Centers we are the First Eye Center in Jordan to be recognized by “Staar Technologies”, the manufacturers of ICL in Switzerland, to be experienced and qualified to provide this technology for our patients.

The ICL procedure takes only 10 minutes per eye and the visual recovery is rapid. We offer this technology to patients who suffer from very high prescriptions, it is also offered to patients for whom LASIK could not be performed due to lack of good corneal thickness (Cornea that is too thin).


What is ICL?

ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) is similar to contact lens, but instead of having the lens on the cornea (front part of the eye), the surgeon will implant the lens permanently behind the cornea in front of the natural lens.

ICL is made from very unique material called Collamer which has the advantage that the human body accepts it forever with zero percent of rejection.

What is the suitable age for having ICL Procedure?

The best age group who benefit from ICL is, 21-45 years.

How the surgeon implants the ICL?

Thanks to the unique foldable Collamer material, the ICL can be implanted easily by the surgeon by injecting the lens through very small microscopic opening, to release the ICL between the natural lens and the iris in just few minutes.

Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

Patients for whom LASIK could not be performed due to lack of good corneal thickness (Cornea that is too thin), or patients who suffer from very high glasses prescriptions.

How will my eyes will look like after the ICL?

The ICL is transparent, and it is implanted behind the iris, only an eye doctor using a microscope can see the lens, your eyes will look totally normal after the procedure